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New release Lost Ark’s strong rally raises hope for recovery of Korean PC games

2018.12.03 16:20:33 | 2018.12.03 16:20:59
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Lost Ark, an ambitious online game launched by Smilegate for year-end peak season, has gotten off to a strong start, raising expectations that the long-awaited PC game could fuel the industry’s recovery from the defeat by mobile games.

Lost Ark hit 250,000 con-current users on the date of its release on Nov. 7 and the number surpassed a 350,000 milestone within a week. Lost Ark features a Hack & Slash mode, where a single player can attack a large number of enemies by competing or cooperating with other players.

According to Game Tricks, a site for the analysis of game traffic in PC rooms, Lost Ark recently ranked third (13.3 percent) just behind League of Legends (30.47 percent) and Battle Grounds (15.84 percent).

The PC game industry showed signs of recovery early this year with the launch of well-received first person shooter games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from PUBG (formerly Blue Hole) and Fortnite from Epic Games. The upward trend of the PC game is maintained by the release of new game titles such as Lost Ark, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Smilegate had focused all of its resources to develop Lost Ark. The game developer, famous for its FPS game Cross Fire, injected over 100 billion won ($90 million) over a seven-year long period.

It renewed previous records in terms of development cost and period in the local game industry. The game’s background music was left to Brian Tyler, who produced several Hollywood blockbuster movie music including Iron Man 3 and The Avengers 2. Smilegate had been relying on Crossfire for nearly 90 percent of its revenue.

By Lee Yong-ik and Minu Kim

[ⓒ Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved]



  • Seoul Sun 16 December 2018
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