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Kia Motors’ Niro hits record high in monthly sales

2016.05.08 14:56:11 | 2016.05.09 09:55:24
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South Korea’s automaker Kia Motors Corp. hit a record high in monthly sales with its environment-friendly Niro, a compact hybrid sport utility vehicle (SUV), in the local green car market. The carmaker announced on Sunday that it sold 2,440 units of the Niro in the local market for two weeks from April 18 to 29. Among other green cars, the Niro is the only car with more than 2,000 units selling in the local car market.

The car was followed by the Sonata hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) with 1,309 units in total and the Grandeur Hybrid with 1,233 units. The IONIQ hybrid, the first green car of another leading automaker Hyundai Motor Co., recorded poor performance with755 units.

The monthly sales of Kia’s Niro last month hit an all-time high in the local green car market, breaking the previous record of Sonata HEV’s 2,143 units in December 2012. For less than 15 days, the automaker sold 2,440 units.

The car has gained popularity thanks to various advantages. When including various tax benefits, the car is 1.92 million won ($1,661) to 2.34 million won cheaper than its rival cars. Among the same class cars, the car has the largest interior space. Compared with its rival cars, the car is 166 millimeters longer in the whole length, 22 millimeters in the full width and 133 millimeters in wheelbase. The car’s maximum output power is 141 horsepower, which is 28 horsepower higher than other rival cars.

“The Niro is the great example showing that a green car could make a hit with various advantages and other carmakers would learn lesson from Noro’s case when they develop a green car,” said a professor of Daelim University College.

By Park Chang-young

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