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Ex-Yahoo Korea chief says LED belt will open new market

2015.07.15 11:22:57 | 2015.07.15 15:29:40
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“Light therapy is a technology that is drawing attention of late,” said Lee Kyung-han (55), chief executive of a venture business developing a belt-like wearable diet device that induces weight loss through exposure to LED light.

The light therapy is a next-generation low-cost and eco-friendly technology that could utilize specific wavelength light in beauty treatment, diet and disease treatment. In particular, devices for home use and individual use that are safe and effective have been continuously put on the market, gaining popularity.

The diet has an effect of dissolving fat by exposing the abdomen to LED light. It helps reduce the fat more effectively by adding mild vibrations. It also has psychological effects.

Mr Lee is an IT expert who has also served as regional directors in Korea of global IT companies including Overture and Yahoo.

The clinical trial of the belt showed that the waistlines of those under the testing shrank an average of 5.5 centimeters for four week.

The company would complete the preparation and produce trial goods in July. He said, “we are working on final arrangements to get permissions and certifications in Japan and South East Asia, as well as Korea.”

By Chu Dong-hoon

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