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Japan may build first waste-to-diesel fuel plant in Bago

2017.12.26 11:22:17 | 2017.12.26 11:22:39
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Japan is planning to build a waste-to-diesel plant to fuel tractors for Bago’s farmers.

Japan is planning to build a waste-to-diesel plant to fuel tractors for Bago’s farmers.

Japan’s Garbage Collection Co Ltd has expressed interest in constructing a waste-to-diesel factory in Bago Region, according to the Bago Regional Government.

The diesel produced will be used as fuel for tractors and harvesters in the agriculture sector.

Bago Region, which is next to Yangon Region, is heavily reliant on the agri-business. The region mainly cultivates paddy and beans.

The company met with Bago Region Chief Minister U Win Thein this week to discuss the construction of the waste recycling plant.

Official Development Assistance will be extended by the Japanese government towards the construction of the plant. Meanwhile, Garbage Collection Co will provide the technologies required.

When construction of the plant is complete, it will be the first waste-to-energy plant in Myanmar. U Win Thein stressed that gasses generated from the waste recycling process would not harm the population and environment.

Meanwhile, Japan is planning to construct a second waste-to-energy plant in cooperation with the Yangon City Development Committee in Shwe Pyi Thar Township of Yangon Region. The plant is expected to burn up to 60 tonnes of trash per day, producing up to 700 kilowatts of electricity per hour.

By The Myanmar Times (Published: 22/12/2017)


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