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SK Incheon Petrochem launches energy upcycling biz to power Incheon city

2018.09.05 15:13:54 | 2018.09.05 15:33:44
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[Photo provided by SK Incheon Petrochem Co. ]

[Photo provided by SK Incheon Petrochem Co. ]

South Korea’s SK Incheon Petrochem Co. said on Wednesday it has signed an agreement with local business partners and Incheon City to collect power wastes from petrochemical plants in the city and recycle them for heating and cooling of commercial buildings and houses in the municipality.

The first type of energy upcycling project also contributed by Incheon Total Energy Co. and Cheongna Energy Co. requires efficient networking of heat grids involving production process and local energy suppliers. The project was conceptualized when the city saw an urgent need to secure a stable heat source for heating and cooling due to large-sized residential area development projects in Songdo, Cheongna and Gajeong districts.

With the agreement, a heat source of 280,000 giga calories in total will be provided per year, enough to heat or cool 40,000 households for a year.

The partner companies are due to begin their heat source supply from November 2019 after construction from March 2019. The project is also predicted to save energy, equivalent to 27,000 tons of LNG and 56,000 tons of coal, and reduce carbon footprints.

By Ji Hong-goo and Minu Kim

[ⓒ Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved]



  • Seoul Wed 19 September 2018
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