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Coffee craze in Korea opens 10,000th convenience store selling Cafe25 brand coffee

2018.07.10 14:40:18 | 2018.07.10 14:46:15
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[Photo by GS Retail Co.]

[Photo by GS Retail Co.]

In a market that reached 11.8 trillion won ($11 billion) with each Korean drinking 512 cups of coffee on average last year, coffee is consumed everywhere in Korea - at home and work, cafes, diners, bars, and convenience stores.

South Korea’s leading convenience store chain GS25 run by GS Retail Co. said Monday that the number of stores that sell Cafe25 coffee extracted from Jura coffee machine exceeded 10,000 across the nation, surging from 1,000 stores since December 2015 when it had started selling coffee at its outlets amid the rising demand for cheap but high-quality coffee.

GS25 sold about 40 million cups of Cafe25 coffee in the first half of this year. It has sold total 128 million cups of coffee at its stores since the launch of the brand, after recording cumulative sales of 100 million cups in March this year.

GS25 has made a bold investment in its coffee business by installing Jura coffee machines priced at 13 million won ($11,650) per unit at its outlets to sell freshly brewed high-quality coffee at a reasonable price of just 1,000 won ($0.9) per cup. An official from the company said it expects it could soon achieve sales of 100 million cups a year.

By Baek Sang-kyung and Choi Mira

[ⓒ Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved]



  • Seoul Wed 26 September 2018
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