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LG Display and startup working on speaker-embedded OLED TV

2018.07.09 13:33:57 | 2018.07.09 13:37:20
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South Korea’s LG Display Co. is developing super-slim built-in OLED TV that emanates sound directly from the display panel in partnership with a local startup.

According to industry sources on Sunday, LG Display and Daejeon-based startup SQand Inc. have teamed up to explore the so-called Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) innovation that would put the display technology to a new level with the capacity to emit both light and sound.

LG Display has achieved proprietary CSO technology in 2016. It has joined up with SQand to incorporate the speaker-free display to an ultra-thin TV that can ensure high-quality picture plus sound at the frequency range of 180-35 kHz and sensitivity of 74 dB.

“If they can commercialize the technology, we would see entirely new built-in concept TV,” an industry observer said.

By Lee Jae-cheol and Lee Ha-yeon

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  • Seoul Mon 24 September 2018
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