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LG Innotek to come up with solutions to run chicken farms “smart”

2018.05.23 13:39:28 | 2018.05.23 13:43:40
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[Photo provided by LG Innotek Co.]

[Photo provided by LG Innotek Co.]

LG Innotek Co., materials and component unit of South Korean conglomerate LG Group, said Tuesday it is developing smart solutions to apply high-tech in chicken farming.

The technology company has joined up with the National Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) to develop metrics and deep-learning algorithm applications based on poultry studies.

Under the partnership, NIAS conducts behavioral research on poultry and defines each growth stage, while LG Innotek develops the devices - cameras, temperature and humidity sensors - and computing system.

Big data-powered solutions will remotely control coops and cages to keep them at the optimal environment. Cameras and sensors can keep watch over tens of thousands of chickens as well as environmental changes to control the temperature and humidity inside the cage or coop.

By using the AI technologies, farmers can better protect their flock from any external dangers and diseases.

“Our smart farm technologies will help large poultry farms prevent infections from highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and other viruses,” said an official at the company.

LG Innotek has already developed the basic technology for accurate camera sensing and abnormal behavior analysis and plans to upgrade the technology by 2020.

Due to an outbreak of bird flu in November last year in Korea, over 33 million chickens were slaughtered for three months, causing 1 trillion won ($926.9 million) damages to 821 poultry farms.

Poultry farms last year also were heavily damaged by pesticide-tainted eggs as the result of poor environment of layer hens.

By Chun Gyung-woon and Lee Ha-yeon

[ⓒ Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved]



  • Seoul Sun 23 September 2018
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