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POSTECH researchers develop peptide-based substance to inhibit atopy

2017.11.29 16:05:54
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[Photo by POSTECH]

[Photo by POSTECH]

South Korean researchers have discovered a peptide that could be a starting point for the development of a novel class of therapeutic agents for difficult-to-treat atopy.

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) said on Wednesday its chemistry department research team led by Prof. Lim Hyun-Suk and Ph.D. candidate Lee Yeongju developed a peptide-based substance that inhibits the protein interaction between NCOA1 and STAT6 known to be involved in immune signals to cause atopic dermatitis.

The research team focused on STAT6 proteins whose interaction with NCOA1 proteins leads to immune signals to activate STAT6. The excessive activation of STAT6 causes the allergic inflammation.

The peptide-based substance inhibits this protein-protein interaction, selectively blocking the immune signals to cause atopy with no adverse events, according to the research team.

The research team also said its latest findings may open the doors for new research into developing therapies with no side effects for patients with atopic dermatitis or allergic inflammation like asthma.

By Park Joon-hyung and Minu Kim

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