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  • Originally founded in 1998, Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea is the English site of Maeil Business Newspaper and was relaunched in October 2015. Maeil Business Newspaper is the most trusted business and economic news outlet in South Korea, delivering comprehensive information about economy, industries and technology of not only South Korea but also Asia. No other media outlet in the country and Asia can match our quality information. Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea aims to provide companies a unique opportunity to reach the business elite and policy makers of Asia, South Korea and those connected to the region.
  • Advertising Terms and Conditions:
  • (1) Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea retains at its absolute discretion and all rights to determine whether to accept or refuse any advertisement requests for insertion in the site.

    (2) Advertisers with no prior advertising history with us are required to clear a procedure stipulated by us. We may request submission of required documents. Please contact us for details.

    (3) Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea has no obligation to explain the reason(s) for its refusal to consent to publish/display any advertisement.

    (4) Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea determines whether or not to publish/display any advertisement based on its own Advertising Code.

    (5) Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content of advertisements published/displayed on the site. The advertiser bears all responsibility for the contents of any advertisements, including any damage to the site resulting from the insertion of such advertisements.

    (6) To clearly identify an entity that bears responsibility for any advertisements published/displayed in the site, the official full company name, address and telephone number of the advertiser must be explicitly included within the advertisement. However, when an abbreviated name or brand name is generally well known, the official full company name can be omitted, and also depending on the purpose of the advertisement, the address and telephone number may be omitted.

    (7) The content and purpose of all advertisements must be clearly and accurately given. Ambiguous intent or content that cannot be understood by the general reader will not be accepted. As a general rule, English is the language to be used on advertising material.

    (8) Advertisements published/displayed in the site must not infringe on basic human rights. Furthermore, they must not contain expressions or contents that promote such expressions Established
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