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Naver releases self-developed web browser Whale in open beta

2017.03.15 14:32:32 | 2017.03.15 14:33:41
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South Korea’s Internet services provider Naver Corp. on Tuesday released self-developed web browser dubbed Whale in open beta version with a timetable to ready a final version within the year.

The software can be downloaded from PCs and the mobile version would be released in the second half. Naver plans to release the final version within the year with hopes that it could be as successful in persuading Koreans to opt for home-grown web browser over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome as it had been with international search engines.

Naver devoted six years to develop its own browser. It invited 30,000 for a closed beta test since January.

“We made improvements based on 1,800 feedbacks from closed beta test. We can assure that it is the most user-friendly web browser up to date,” Naver said.

Naver hopes its browser could pull in more users to its web services. It will follow up with a web store offering supplementary programs like diary and video streaming.

“We don’t want to call it a Korean web browser because we are targeting the global market,” one official said.

By Oh Chan-jong

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