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SNU launches microgrid project

2015.07.19 14:15:40
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The Seoul National University embarked on the migrogrid project for electricity-cutting efforts, the first-ever attempt made by the South Korean university.

The Seoul National University and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held its ceremony for ‘campus microgrid technological development and empirical project’ on Friday with the attendance of officials from the industry and academia and think-tanks. Microgrids refer to small-sized electricity grid which can generate and utilize electricity on its own in specific areas.

It is a future-oriented energy system which supplies electricity based on energy storage system (ESS) and uses IoT-based devices to ensure efficient energy consumption.

The latest event will help the Seoul National University become the first-ever university in downtown to operate and manage microgrids. So far, microgrids have been installed in remote islands including Gapa-do in Jeju and Gasa-do in South Jeolla Province.

The project led by the Seoul National University costs a total of 18.3 billion won ($15.9 million) by 2019 - 12 billion won state-fund and 6.3 billion won private fund. The project aims at achieving independence of energy consumption at core buildings of the campus and a 20 percent cut in energy cost. The ministry will offer policy support including technological development and infrastructure for microgrids.

The state-run University consumes the largest amount of electricity in Seoul as of 2013, paying electricity fee worth 18.3 billion won annually. Moon Seung-il, chief of Korea Electrical Engineering & Science Research Institute, noted, “around 2019 when the project comes to an end, the university’s electricity fee would go down 20 percent.”

During the congratulatory speech, second vice minister Moon Jae-do showed high expectations, “migrogrids will be the vehicle that brings us technological innovation in the energy industry.”

By Ahn Gap-sung

[ⓒ Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved]



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