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S. Korean govt mulls to allow LPG consumer cars on roads from next year

2017.06.29 14:40:59 | 2017.06.29 14:57:11
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The South Korean government plans to lift regulations on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to allow accessibility to natural gas fuels currently limited to commercial drivers to regular consumers as a part of measures to fight fine dust pollution.

The current law allows only the disabled, individuals of national merit, taxi and car rental businesses to drive LPG cars. Consumers buying sub-1,000 cc s cars or vans for seven or more passengers have the option to fuel LPG. The only car available with LPG option in Korea is Hyundai Avante.

The government will announce measures allowing greater accessibility to LPG fuel next month as an alternative energy plan to help reduce dust pollution after its idea of raising diesel price was met with strong public opposition.

A government task force set up to discuss the matter is hence likely to propose to allow general consumers to buy cars with engine capacity of up to 1,600 cc. or five-seat recreational vehicles in LPG fuel option.

The task force is due to hold its final round of meetings early next month. A final deregulation plan would be announced by the end of next month after a review of an environmental impact assessment report from a government think tank, according to a member of the task force.

By Ko Jae-man

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  • Seoul Thu 21 June 2018


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