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Korean govt issues July 3-Oct 3 grace period for illegal aliens

2017.07.05 15:23:19 | 2017.07.06 11:39:11
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The Korean government will permit re-entry or shorten the period of entry ban for removable aliens if they willingly leave the country during a three-month grace period from next week to Oct. 10.

By law, non-Korean citizens who stay in Korea for less than a year beyond their residential permit are allowed back if they voluntarily leave before removal order. Those who stay from a year to three years beyond their visa cannot return for a year. The ban is extended to two years against those who stay illegally beyond three years.

During the special grace period, those who had stayed five years or less will be allowed back in if they voluntarily leave. Those who had resided beyond five years can return a year after.

The goodwill will not be extended to smugglers and other criminals.

The Justice Ministry at the same time warned of a strong crackdown on illegal aliens together with the police across the nation and will ban re-entry for the next five years on anyone caught for illegal stay.

Those offering to leave during the grace period should visit any immigration office with their passports and air tickets.

By Kim Je-gwan

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