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Judge is the most fulfilling profession in South Korea

2017.03.28 13:55:42 | 2017.03.28 14:02:31
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Among South Koreans with jobs, members of the bench were most happy with their occupation in terms of the pay and working conditions and social recognition, according to a survey. In fact, they are so content with their job that they want to recommend their profession to their children.

In the survey of 19,127 people in 621 jobs across the nation from June to October by the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS), judges came first in satisfaction in their conditions, giving 33.16 scores out of a perfect 40.

The wage-earners were asked on six different categories - career development, pay levels, occupational continuity, working conditions, social reputation, and work satisfaction.

Judges were content all around in social reputation (second place), salary levels (fourth), work satisfaction (fourth) and occupational continuity (eighth).

The second most-fulfilling profession was harbor pilot who is in charge of maneuvering a ship through dangerous or congested waters such as harbors or river mouths with a score of 33.07 mostly because of the high pay. Marine pilots on average are paid 120 million won ($107,807) and ship-handlers of long experience can earn 500 million won a year.

Church ministers, university presidents, electrical supervisors, elementary school principals (assistant principals), doctors of Oriental medicine and professors came next in the ranking.

In the top 20 rankings, education and research groups accounted for the largest share of seven. Other top mentions were engineering technology (three occupations), transportation (two) and legal professionals including judges and patent lawyers (two).

By Na Hyun-joon

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