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Hyundai Wia develops electronic coupling system for 4-wheel drive vehicles

2017.09.01 09:34:01 | 2017.09.01 09:35:29
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[Photo by Hyundai Wia Corp.]

[Photo by Hyundai Wia Corp.]

Hyundai Wia Corp., an auto parts making unit of South Korea’s auto conglomerate Hyundai Motor Group, has succeeded in developing the country’s first indigenous electronic coupling system that helps evenly allocate driving torque of an all-wheel drive vehicle.

According to the company on Thursday, electronic coupling device, which so far has been dependent on imports for supply in Korea, is a key auto system that determines power allocation in an all-wheel drive automobile.

When driving up a snowy hill, for example, the device helps equally distribute energy from the front wheels to the rear wheels to improve traction. It also sends power to the rear wheels when reversing around a corner at high speed and helps increase driving safety.

The vehicle component requires high level of technology as its developer and manufacturer should be fully aware of roads and driving conditions to properly allocate torque to help improve overall performance and fuel efficiency.

It took four years of research for Hyundai Wia to develop its own electric coupling system. Research was based on its knowhow accumulated by producing 6 million units of power transfer units (PTU) and its capacity to mass produce active transfer case (ATC) transmission units, the company explained.

Hyundai Wia’s electronic coupling device minimizes so-called response speed that refers to the time it takes until power is properly allocated according to road and driving conditions. When road conditions change, the device creates an environment that allows the vehicle to perform at its best within 0.15 seconds, according to the company.

Hyundai Wia plans to transfer its indigenous electronic coupling device technology to its affiliate Wia Magna Powertrain Co. for mass production.

Wia Magna Powertrain, which is based in Asan, South Chungcheong province in Korea, was established jointly by Hyundai Wia and global component manufacturer Magna Powertrain in 2009 to mass produce electronic coupling device.

Wia Magna Powertrain plans to produce both indigenously developed coupling device as well as those based on Magna Powertrain technology starting in the end of next year. Hyundai Wia estimates to produce about 830,000 units of indigenously developed coupling device annually.

By Park Chang-young

[ⓒ Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved]



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