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S. Korea and Malaysia team up in biometric authentication solution

2017.08.31 14:31:17 | 2017.08.31 14:33:02
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South Korea’s biometric security solution developer Raonsecure Co. said Wednesday that it joined hands with Malaysia’s Infinitium Group of Companies, an online payment and authentication solutions provider, to market biometric authentication as a safe payment solution in Southeast Asia.

The alliance will bring together Raonsecure’s expertise in biometric authentication and Infinitium’s electronic payment offerings in Asia, the firms expected.

Raonsecure is one of Korea’s top security software companies and leading provider of biometric solutions based on fast identity online (FIDO). Biometric authentication is a technology that identifies individuals using their unique physical and behavioral traits, such as fingerprints and voice. FIDO supports multi-factor authentication, which helps simplify the authentication process as users no longer have to rely on complex passwords, according to Raonsecure.

Ho Ching Wee

Ho Ching Wee

Established in 1997, Malaysia-based Infinitium provides payment services and authentication platforms to over 200 million users throughout Southeast Asia, including Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. It is one of the major players in the region and is currently expanding its business to the security sector, including fraud detection services.

Ho Ching Wee, chief executive of Infinitium, said he expects the collaboration to propel the adoption of biometrics within the regional markets and further deepen Infinitium`s market presence in Asia.

Lee Soon-hyung

Lee Soon-hyung

"The purpose of FIDO-based biometric authentication is to increase the level of security for both the relying organization as well as the end-user, with an added benefit of providing consumers with greater convenience and user experience,” said Raonsecure CEO Lee Soon-hyung.

By Lee Yu-sup

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