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Samsung C&T’s fashion division launches smart belt

2017.01.11 17:21:13 | 2017.01.11 17:21:42
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Samsung C&T’s fashion division said Wednesday it has launched ‘WELT’ or Wellness Belt, an intelligent belt that helps prevent the user from gaining extra pounds by adjusting living habits.

The smart belt marketed under the company’s accessory brands ILMO and Beanpole Accessory was developed in collaboration with a startup Welt funded by Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab Program. C-Lab is an internal startup project to encourage Samsung employees to translate their creative ideas into commercial products.

The smart belt looks like an ordinary waist belt, but a sensor in the buckle automatically measures the user’s waist size and analyzes daily activity stats in order to prevent negative health habits such as insufficient walking and overeating. Users can see the data and their activity pattern easily via a specially-designed app. The belt is charged with an Android smartphone charging cable.

The new product is available in five types with black and brown colors with a price tag of 198,000 won ($170) at LIMO and Beanpole Accessory shops across the country.

By Kang Da-young

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